Welcome to The Shandy Media Club

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Welcome everyone. By rights this should have been the inaugural post of this blog, but honestly? The opportunity to rant about #worldbollocksnight was a far too relevant, immediate and important opportunity to waste.

The project of this blog is simple – it is a place where I will be reviewing what I read and what I watch for pleasure, plucking the theory strands out of it, dissecting it, sharing it, recommending it and above all – enjoying it. I spent 4 years at University becoming a master of arts with an emphasis in literature, culture, film and theatre. I learned how to analyse popular media and somewhere along the way I forgot how much fun that could be. At the age of 31 I find that I’m ordering battered copies of the text books that I didn’t fully understand when I was 22 and I’m getting so much more out of them that I have to share it. 

I made the decison at the start of this year that I was getting far too comfortable and complacent about both my own writing and my own reading and watching habits. I was stuck in comfort reads, mulling ideas over for ‘some day’ and making myself very busy doing nothing new. No more. 

I decided I needed to read new things, watch new things and actually pay attention to see what they are trying to tell us. So this is what the Shandy Media Club is all about.

It’s a Club rather than a solo project because I want other people to join in with this. We are all consumers of media culture and it does not to do become passive accepters. Why did I call it ‘Shandy’? Well, that’s based off my other blog, ‘Champagne Style on a Shandy Budget’ which dissects and exposes the whims of the fashion industry and provides tips on how to be stylish on a limited budget. I figured since I will be doing similar things here, it made sense to keep the same names. 

Come one, come all, join in and get stuck in to popular media. The Shandy Media Club welcomes you 🙂 

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