CSSB: White Embroidered Shirt

I have a variety of white tops in my wardrobe, but I do love this white embroidered shirt. I needed to put a few alterations in place to make this one wearable.

However, I think it came out pretty well:



PRICE: £2.99

This top is lovely, and the button details down the front are a really nice elegant touch. However, despite it being a size 16, the cut was not… shall we say, *ample* enough for my bosoms. So the first time I wore it, a couple of buttons popped open and had to be discretely refastened.

Obviously I can’t risk this happening in a lesson, or a meeting. Or giving a presentation. Or meeting a student and their parents, heaven forbid! So I had to do something about it. Luckily I’m not a bad hand seemstress, and the top was of a big enough size to pull over my head like a t-shirt, so what I ended up doing was stitching it shut down the front, and leaving the buttons as decorative rather than functional features.


You can hardly tell, can you? Luckily, the buttons aren’t the only details, the embroidery (white on white, which is really simple and classy) looks beautiful. A nice floral pattern, focused around the neckline, adds just a little more detail to the mix and makes it look a bit more feminine and delicate than a plain white shirt.


The material of this white embroidered shirt is lovely, beautifully soft cotton, which makes it really comfortable to wear. But the cut under the armpits is a little tight, which is a bit of a shame. If it wasn’t for that, I would definitely wear it more often. I tend to save this for meetings rather than for tutoring, as then I can change after the meeting, whereas I don’t often have time between tutoring sessions.

But for £2.99, it was definitely worth picking up. It goes nicely with black trousers and skirt, but also with any coloured outfits, my purple or pink coloured skirts work beautifully with this. Very versatile, great piece of have in the wardrobe.

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