CSSB: Wardrobe Clearout!

Bon Jour my little fashionistas!

Yes, I’m back and after a MEGA wardrobe clearout and some really serious sales shopping and Charity Shop hunting, I’m back with a whole new range of clothing and accessories. Two big bin bags of clothing were dumped at the St John’s Hospice charity shop this morning and now there’s room for everything in the wardrobe. Poor old Matalan and Sainsburys clothing departments haven’t known what’s hit them this month, and I’ve had the pick of the Charity Shops in Lancaster and Chorley over the last couple of weeks.

I love having a good clear out. I don’t think I have bad taste in clothes, but there’s something about wearing the same garments over and over again which just saps your spirits. Colours fade, bobbles form, things get a bit shapeless from washing, the odd pulled thread and loose button manifest here and there and before you know it, your stylish selection of clothing has all been reduced to ‘ugh’.

This month was tax rebate month, a delicious little bonus from the HMRC arrived in my bank account just as those lovely big 70% off signs were appearing in all my favourite stores and the charity shops started knocking prices down to start raising money faster for the Gaza Crisis.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be reviewing the new items, along with their outfit combos, accessories, prices and quality, so stay tuned for some lovely new posts.

Adios Amigos!

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