CSSB: The White Dress with Flowers

It’s becoming sunny again! Which means that for my big meetings I can start wearing pretty dresses which are light and summery rather than the ones that have to be teamed up with thick tights and heavy cardigans or jackets.

And today, I have my next big meeting coming up where I need to present a report to a research group who are getting us up to speed for the next OFSTED inspection.

Normally I’m ok about these things, but recently with my anxiety being more of an issue, I may need to bring my A game to preparation for this in terms of confidence. However, I have a three hour drive in order to get there and I won’t have much time to get myself looking fantastic in the morning.

So THIS is the best thing I have in my current arsenal of clothing:



Bought from: St John’s Hospice Charity Shop
Brand: Wallis
Price: £3.99
Uses: Nights out, dinner parties, formal meetings

This dress is made of a crepe like material which is very light and floaty, but it is so elegant. It is exactly knee length and sleeveless, but I pair it up with a little white shrug style cardigan to cover my shoulders. The neckline is loose with folds of material, but demure and stylish because it covers up my chest and bosom properly:



The flowers, in red print with black detail, add a beautiful splash of colour, and they are the main reason that I can get away with wearing this dress. It also means that I can pair it up with a black jacket and black shoes for a more business like image, and then I can carry my black handbag. The colours are so striking that I can also get away with cutting down my makeup, which is a big bonus for me at the moment. Black mascara teamed up with a red lipstick to match the flowers make this look great with my dark hair.

I can’t wait to wear this today. I’m hoping that it will have the desired confidence boosting effect in time for my arrival at the meeting!


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