SK: Spicy Chicken Jambalaya

This is a slow cooker recipe, so it’s great for nights when we do things like going to the cinema. The cooker does the world while we’re out having a good time, and then the last few steps can be done after we get home late. This is a particular favourite because it’s a one pot meal, so as long as you do the washing up after you’ve finished your prep, the only thing that needs cleaning up is your slow cooker and whatever you used to eat it.


SERVE WITH: You can serve this on its own, or for a lighter meal halve the portion sizes and serve with a green salad

SERVES: 2 people


2 chicken breasts
100 g of chorizo
4 slices of smoked bacon
2 cups of rice
1 onion
3 sticks of celery
Spices (1 tsp ginger, ½ tsp chilli powder, ½ tsp paprika)
3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
Small amount of cooking oil

Chicken stock, made from:
700 mils water
1 tablespoon tomato puree
1 chicken stock cube
2-3 dashes of Tabasco sauce


If you prefer your food more spicy, up the chilli powder to a full teaspoon, and put 3 dashes of Tabasco sauce in your mix.


Substitute 100 mls of the chicken stock water with white wine for a drier flavour


A slow cooker (or a big oven pot with a lid)
Frying pan
Chopping Board
Sharp Knife
Wooden Spoon


1)      Prepare all of your meat first. Chop your chicken breast into small (about 1-2 cm) cubes. Remove the rind from your bacon and slice into pieces approx the same size as the chicken. Slice the chorizo into strips. Return the chorizo to the fridge to use later.

Also, remember to wash your hands between handling fresh meat and cured meat (in fact wash your hands when you’re starting to handle ANY new ingredient in the kitchen, but it is especially important between meats!)

2)     Turn your slow cooker on and place it on the high setting. Dice your onion. Trim the top and bottom from your celery stalks and slice into pieces approx 1 cm wide. Slice and dice your garlic. Measure out your spices.

3)      Heat the oil in your frying pan and add the onions, stirring until they are soft and slightly discoloured.

4)      Add the celery, garlic and spices to the mix and stir for approx 1 minute. Scoop the mix into the slow cooker and re-wet your frying pan with a little more oil.

5)      Fill and boil your kettle. While this is happening, add your chicken to the frying pan and stir until the meat has turned white on all sides. Add the chicken to the mixture in the slow cooker.

6)      Mix your stock ingredients together in the jug and stir thoroughly.

7)      Add the raw bacon to the slow cooker mixture and pour the stock over the mixture and stir thoroughly.

8)      The mixture now needs to sit and cook for 90 minutes. If you are going out, turn the dial to the ‘low’ setting and you can leave the mixture to cook for twice as long, so three hours from this point before the next step is required.

9)      Measure out two cups of rice and add them to the mixture and stir in thoroughly. If you have been cooking the mixture on the low setting, remember to turn it back to high at this point! Leave for 30 minutes.

10)  Check on the mixture. If the rice has absorbed all of the liquid and it looks a bit dried out or sticky, add a little more water to make the mixture more juicy (or if you prefer, you can make another half jug of stock – just halve the amount of water, puree and only add one dash of Tabasco to the top up mix). Leave for another 15 minutes.

11)  Most of the moisture should have been absorbed by the mixture now, which should be a light reddish brown in colour. Add your chorizo strips and stir thoroughly into the mix. Leave for another 10-15 minutes until the chorizo has headed through and the rest of the moisture has been absorbed.

12)  Serve and enjoy! Don’t forget to turn off your slow cooker! 

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