CSSB: Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner

My hair is a disaster zone recently. For several reasons. Dousing it with heavily chlorinated water 2-3 times a week doesn’t really help, but because I monkey-ed around with my hormone pills, it’s lost a lot of its shine and gloss. It feels strung out and dry at the moment and I  miss the way it used to look.

I’ve been using Pantene, but honestly? It hasn’t helped. I’m going to have to go back to basics to try and put some semblance of life back into it.

So I need to go and re-stock up on this:


Alberto Balsam

I should never have stopped using this. I was lured away by an ASDA sale and the idea of a big brand name.  I should have remembered what Elle Woods said. ‘The rules of haircare are simple and finite’. And top of the list has to be ‘Stick with what works and don’t try to be a clever dick’.

Alberto Balsam can be found at the cheap end of the range in most supermarkets, discount stores and even in the pound shops. Yep, it’s about £1 per bottle of shampoo or conditioner, and they make several varieties.

My husband uses this:


His argument is that he doesn’t have enough hair to merit conditioner, and this does the job just fine for washing. It smells nice too – it actually has an apple-y tang, which is more than can be said for some of the more expensive brands!

The ones I favour, the white ones, are Coconut and Lychee. They’re the formulated pair for ‘Detangling’ – which was something I really needed when I had hair down to the small of my back. It’s bobbed to about my shoulders now, and I want it shorter. The thing is – not only was it great for getting the tangles out of my hair, it left it in fantastic condition. It was shiny, glossy without being greasy, weighty without being heavy and it held a style really well if I wanted to use straighteners or curling tongs. Also, it has a smell reminiscent of actual coconut. I have no idea what a Lychee smells like, so I can’t comment on that part…

I should never have stopped using this. I will be going back to the supermarket on payday and stocking up with plenty of it. At £1 per bottle, it makes a mockery of the products that cost over £4 each.


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CSSB: Favourite Product -Impulse Spray

Body spray was one of the things I tried to economise on when I hit money troubles in my mid twenties. I bought cheap ones from pound shops, supermarket own brands, even the economy brands. I ended up smelling like a chemical factory and feeling about as comfortable as if I’d been doused in the contents of one.  Also, they had a tendency to run out quickly and leak over my fingers when I tried to spray them (ew) and if that wasn’t bad enough, they also stained my clothes.

So I had to think smart rather than thinking cheap.

I love these:

Impulse Tease

Impulse Body Spray - True Love

The impulse sprays are, simply, better than much of the other stuff on the market. They are reliably available, smell genuinely pleasant and are sold in a range of scents from the fresh and fruity to the mild and musky. Charlie‘s not bad, neither is Exclamation! but the smell of those reminds me of the girls’ changing rooms at high school after PE, so I tend to avoid them for personal preference.

Thing is, if you just pick them up in the supermarket, they can be expensive.

A quick look on mysupermarket.co.uk reveals a price range from £1 to £2, so depending where you shop you could end up paying twice as much. I have seen them sold for as much as £2.59 in some places with extra for delivery (they are on a sale price at the moment, but with delivery that’s still an expensive deal!)

But if you head to your town centre high street, you’re much more likely to be able to pick them up cheaply. Check in Home Bargains, B&M and even in Poundworld for much more reliable pricing and availability.

Sometimes it doesn’t pay to go for the cheaper option product wise, but it does pay to do your homework and shop around!

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