Universally shit? Was that too extreme? I don’t think so.

I stand by my previous comment saying that someone’s maths education can be ‘universally shit’. I did not use the phrase to indicate that EVERY PERSON has a shit maths education. But it is possible for one person’s ENTIRE maths education, from primary school up to the age of 16, to be delivered by non specialist teachers who are lacking in confidence, expertise, guidance or continuity (ie they are supply teachers).

Sorry, but that classes as a universally shit education experience in my book of definitions.

It is not necessarily the fault of the teacher that their student receives a sub standard education. Some of these teachers have no business teaching a subject which is beyond the range of their knowledge and expertise. The schools they work for, pushed by government targets, put them into untenable positions. And do not provide the necessary support. That is what I have a problem with.

Good practice does exist but it is far too rare and until schools stop ‘fire fighting’, get radical and throw out the status quo, that will not change. The excuse that it is ‘too hard’ is exactly that. An excuse. And a poor one at that. Saying that change is difficult and using it as a reason to continue providing a sub standard education is a disgrace to our profession. This is not necessarily something that teachers on the ‘shop floor’ can change alone. But it is something that head teachers and governors should be working towards and too many of them are not.

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