CSSB: The Little Black Dress

Ah yes, the Little Black Dress. The staple of any woman’s wardrobe, according to Marie Claire, Cosmo, etc. And yet, an item which has been sadly lacking from my wardrobe since I was about 18 years old. I had one, as a teenager, from New Look. It was made of jersey, very forgiving on a changing figure, and short enough that my legs looked almost as good as Posh Spice’s.

Until a couple of months ago, that is, when I happened across this little beauty in the ASDA sale…




£4! It would have been rude to leave it on the rail, I mean honestly.

I do love this dress, but it is a bugger to get into without a helping hand. The zip is down the back, right down to the bum. Elegant as hell, but it defies only having two hands. Luckily my husband is an old hand at zipping these things up, so provided I’m not away on business, this is very useful for work.

The thing I love more than anything about the little black dress, more than the slimming effect is the fact that it goes with ANYTHING.

Red cardigan and red shoes? Check.

The Black and Pink Pinstripe Jacket? Check.

Purple silk wrap and purple satin handbag? Check!

It is, quite simply, the most matchable item of clothing ever.

The slimming effect can’t be denied either, particularly since the material is stiff and the dress is built in panels, which does help to hold in the old tum a bit. With a pair of magic pants on underneath, this does make me look and feel a lot more trim than I actually feel these days.

However, the downside to that is that it’s not the most comfortable thing to wear. Ideal for a business meeting or conference with picky finger food buffets, not so good for a romantic three course meal out with the hubby. Gets a bit tight around the middle if you eat more than a cracker and three grapes.

But, for the occasional high impact attention grabbing impact that the little black dress can have, it’s worth it for professional meetings. Particularly with barely there black tights, black heeled shoes and pearls. Being 34 has it’s compensations. I can get away with that sort of classic look now without looking hopelessly pretentious, or like I should be featuring in a Girls In Pearls feature.


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