Song Of The Week: I Know Where I’ve Been

It’s been a bit of a big week in the news hasn’t it.

It’s been a very small week over in Shandy Land, not a lot happening at all. So for this week, just this week, I’ve decided to throw out ‘Song Of The Week’ to international news and have decided upon ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’.

Large strides have been made towards a world of true equality this week. But we are not at the end of the road. There is a long way to go. And we should remember where we came from. I don’t say this as someone who is part of the LGBT community, but someone who is human, and who wants to see all people in this world treated equally, with love and respect, honour and integrity. We are not there yet. But I am sure we will get there if we keep walking. And we ALL must keep walking. Because to sit still – well now, that would be a sin.

For this post, I’ve decided to share Glee’s version of ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’. Because the message of support for all of the LGBT* community is so strong and so beautiful, and it kinda sums up why I felt so drawn to this song this week in the first place. A choir of trans* individuals come together to sing this song for another trans* person who is just starting out their life as a man.

“There’s a road we must travel
There’s a promise we must make
Oh, but the riches, the riches will be plenty
Worth the risks and the chances that we take

There’s a dream, yeah, in the future
There’s a struggle that we have yet to win
Use that pride in our hearts to lift us up to tomorrow
‘Cause just to sit still would be a sin

I know it, I know it, I know where I’m going
Lord knows I know where I’ve been
Oh, when we win, I’ll give thanks to my God
‘Cause I know where I’ve been”


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