CSSB: Favourite Item – The Pink Skirt

Bought from: Catalogue Clearance Store in Kendal, 2009
Cost: £1
Uses: Work wear

This is one of the best bargains I have ever had. I spent a few weeks working in Kendal at the end of 2009 and in a rummage around a Catalogue Shop, I found this for £1. I actually bought two skirts for £1 each but the other one has long since been charity shopped.

This colour doesn’t quite fit my spectrum, but the beauty of it is that it can be teamed up with two or three that do. Bright strong pink, deep dark purple or rich brown all go well with this item.

The Pink Skirt

The material looks almost like moleskin from a distanc, but it is far light than that and – joy of joys – machine washable. There’s a nice detailing on the waist band with two tabs and buckles and it’s a zip fasten skirt, which is by far my favourite type.

Nice smooth lining

Nice smooth lining

The lining is nice and smooth and the material is opaque, so I don’t need to worry about wearing a slip under it.

This is a great skirt because it can go with so many things in winter and in summer, which is an unusual trait for my clothes. Teamed up with a cream top, brown cardigan, brown knee length boots and my big fluffy cream and suede furry collared coat, it is absolutely elegant for the winter. However, with a smaller white top, little pink cardie and white sandals, it does the business for the summer too.

It’s nice enough for a casual lunch with friends, smart enough for work and even posh enough for a summer night out when teamed up with my little pink and white handbag.

For £1, this item does so much and it is one of the best buys I ever had. I miss catalogue stores. There were a few in the town I grew up in and there used to be a couple around here, but now they’re gone and they used to be so good for heavily discounted unworn clothing. They would also have loads of sizes too, which was a big help. Everything’s online now, and yes I use the online versions, but nothing beats a good rummage in the rails when you don’t have anything specific in mind but are in the mood for a bargain.

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