CSSB: ‘Flaws are Ok’

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So the lovely Becky sent me a link to this article today:


A lovely young lady called Lorde called attention to the photo-shopping of her skin to remove acne marks.


The caption: “i find this curious – two photos from today, one edited so my skin is perfect and one real. remember flaws are ok :-)”

Now I need to go find out who Lorde is. Searches online Oh right that’s who she is.  Fair enough. I’m not really into celebrity culture, but I am all for a young woman in a visual industry who is willing to tell people that ‘flaws are ok’ and point out when she has been photo-shopped to within an inch of credibility. Especially when she draws the line between ‘perfect’ and ‘real’. That sort of honest is commendable.

So far, no rant worth material.

Right up until you spot this below the article:



Do you know what Cellulite actually is? It’s dimpled flesh. Usually found around your legs and hips. It’s caused by fat deposits under the skin which occur after puberty is over.

A whole industry has sprung up around this natural bodily occurrence, offering ways for women to remove Cellulite from their bodies. However, not one of them has been scientifically proven to work.  Not the treatments, not the removals, not the exercises, not the special drugs or supplements or vitamins. None of it.

Why do they want to convince you that you can remove this cellulite?

Because they say that it looks bad.

And you know what the greatest con of all is?

Cellulite is normal. And not harmful. It does not actually need to be removed.

An entire industry has sprung up convincing women that they should take expensive action (that doesn’t work) to remove and reduce parts of their body (which are completely normal and not harmful at all) just because they say that it doesn’t look very nice.

And this website has the audacity to put an advert for this underneath an article apparently praising a young celebrity woman for maintaining that ‘flaws are ok’ and highlighting how ridiculous it is that photographs of her have been manipulated to remove naturally occurring marks from her skin.

The double standard strikes again. Look, look! It’s ok to be normal. But we’re going to thrust this advert under your nose to remind you that we don’t think it’s acceptable for you to look ‘real’ and instead you must strive towards the fake standard of ‘perfect’, by means which are expensive, unreliable and unnecessary.


Oh and by the way… The best way to prevent cellulite occurring include wearing looser fitting clothing, eating a balanced diet, regular exercise and avoidance of stress. So it’s not hard to see why celebrities who work long hours, eat at weird times, don’t get enough nutrition due to enforced diets and spend most of their time squeezed into tight clothing are amongst those who are the most likely to develop it.

Can I suggest that you start reducing your stress by stopping reading any fashion industry articles which claim that you should be removing cellulite? Just an idea.

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