Story: Mermaid

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Sometimes I write little stories for specific calls or in response to prompts and when they don’t make the issue cut, they hang around, lying fallow in my dropbox forever.

I need to share more of my writing on here so I will start posting some of them.

This was written for a Mslexia prompt about Mermaids.

Google an image search for ‘mermaids’. Since when did mermaids have to be white, I wonder? This was written to redress the balance a bit.

I dove into the waves seeking freedom, hundreds of years ago, and gave myself up to the waters. Stolen from my home, bereft of my own self, I sought death and found new life. My bruised and battered legs are now safe behind armoured scales; my slick tail slices through the ocean depths with purpose and dignity. My waters are warm and clear, soft on my skin. I steer clear of the icy depths that my pale sisters haunt, seeking kisses from skinny white boys with hairless chins. They are just soft ghosts who shimmer beneath crisp, frosted waves, long locks of gold and red their only dash of colour. My own black tresses stream freely under the waves, curling and twisting unbound with the salty currents. I hunt for lost princes, with ebony skin and marcasite eyes, thick rugs of male pride worn over their chests for me to run my fingers though. They gaze into my sugared eyes and feel the echoes of their history. They kiss me, and beneath the salt they taste the scent of home and freedom, feel the heat of Africa under my waves. We dance, we dream and they drown.


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