Song of the Week: Start As We Mean To Go On by @theagilmore

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This ‘song of the week’ was brought to you in partnership with the Mark Manson article, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck.

Sometimes in life we all give fucks about the wrong things. We waste our energies on people who have hurt us, things that have annoyed us, wrongs that were done to us which are unrightable.

This song is about acknowkedging that things in this life are meant to try us and that we can overcome them and improve ourselves. We learn when it is appropriate to give our fucks and when not to. This is not an easy process and it can take YEARS. But goddamn it is satisfying when you finally get the hang of it. When you realise that you are free. Not that you are immune from caring any more, but that you are free to give your fucks where you choose. And this world is full of important things to give a fuck about. Far more than the things that have been holding so many of us down for years.

“We’re gonna start by aiming higher,

We gonna start by taking names,

we’re gonna start some rumours, start some fires,

And start to fan the flames.

Cause that storm up there’s been twisting,

That cloud looks set to break,

And when trouble comes, we’ll start the drums

And leave them in our wake.

We’re gonna start the camera rolling

We’re gonna start to write the songs

I’ve got these two good reasons here

Why I can’t get it wrong!

We’re gonna set this record straight,

We’re gonna do what must be done

And start as we mean to go on.

Well, we came to the party late,

But we’re staying here to see the sun,

And start as we mean to go on.”

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