Song Of The Week: Star by Bryan Adams

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I love Star by Bryan Adams. I was such a HUGE fan of his when I was growing up. My first serious boyfriend and I used to play his stuff over and over, he was in the charts a lot at the time, his greatest hits came out towards the end of the 90s and it was very much the music of my youth.

This wasn’t one of his biggest hits, but every now and then the words just synch up with where my life is at.

Right now I am going through a stage where I frequently wonder if I’m heading in the right direction. Some of my friends are going through similar feelings at the moment. We scoff at the idea of the quarter-life-crisis but it does happen, you hit your mid-late 20s and begin to panic about whether or not you should have actually done something with your life by now or not. You reach a point where everyone around you is settling down, getting married, having kids, getting promoted and doing all that ‘proper grown up stuff’ that we watched our parents do and you feel like you’re losing a race. A few years ahead of that and I still seem to be going through this on a semi regular basis. I do so hope that things settle down soon.

This song gives me a little perspective, especially when life gets tough. If you’re starting to question your path and direction or feel a bit lost in the world – have a listen, and wish upon a star you’ve never wished upon before.

There’ll be times in your life
Ya when you’ be dancin’ but you ain’t gettin it
But don’t get disillusioned
No, don’t expect too much 
‘Cause if what you have is all you can get
Just keep on tryin’
It just ain’t happened yet 

Everybody wants to be winner
Everybody has a dream
We all need a shining star
When things ain’t what they seem
So tonight we’re gonna wish upon
A star we never wished upon before
Gotta get where you’re headed for


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