Song of the Week: Meatloaf – Wasted Youth

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Song of the week is going to be a new feature on Project Shandy. Music has always been a huge part of my life. At times I have described it as my best friend, because a song will often find the words to say what’s in my heart before I can. I find it comforting to be able to point to song lyrics and say “This! See? This is what I was talking about, this is how I feel inside.”

Sometimes it’s for good reasons, more often times it’s for bad ones. Music speaks to me in a different language when I am battling depression and anxiety and it reminds me that I am not alone. That someone else had those feelings and thoughts and, with greater skill than I can muster in an emotionally intense situation, managed to set it down in poetry, pair it with music and make it fly.

For the first ‘Song Of The Week’, I’ve decided to go with a happy one. My husband and I are great fans of Meatloaf when we’re on long car journeys, and every time I hear this one a certain bit jumps out at me and reminds me why I do this. Why I write. Why I submit. Why I publish things. Not because of an urge for success but because it’s in my blood and I don’t think that anyone else could say what I have to say better than me.

“I ain’t in it for the power
And I ain’t in it for my health
I ain’t in it for the glory of anything at all
And I sure ain’t in it for the wealth

But I’m in it ’til it’s over
And I just can’t stop
If you wanna get it done,
You gotta fight for yourself

And I like my music like I like my life…
Everything louder than anything else!”

So every week I will be posting a lyric from a song that sums up how I feel about an issue that’s been on my mind the previous week. And, if I can find it, a youtube video to allow you guys to hear the whole thing.

Take it away, Meatloaf!



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