Song Of The Week: Hunter Hayes – Better Than This

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I discovered Hunter Hayes completely by accident when I was hopping around Youtube links. This one stuck and gave me a welcome reminder this week that tough as life is sometimes, I can’t imagine living one better than what I’ve got right now. Yes everything lives in a state of flux, I’ve barely stayed in a job more than two years, I work evenings and weekends for my own business and when I’m not doing that, I am writing, researching, revising, reviewing, editing, submitting and planning future pieces. But it doesn’t get any better than this. And it doesn’t really matter where any of these paths lead in the long run. We get too caught up in the future sometimes when we should enjoy the present. For now – even if it is for only here and now – this is the life I wanted and tough as it gets, I couldn’t ever want anything different.

No matter where this goes
You know I wouldn’t change a single thing
But I don’t even know
Just to where this thing is gonna lead
It’s a mystery
Oh and ain’t life a trip?
No it don’t get better than this
It’s a trip and it don’t get better than this



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