SMC Review: The Clitheroe Prime Minister by Stevie Sutton

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This was another 99p pickup from Amazon which would have been worth even more. 

I live in the north of England, about 20 miles from Clitheroe, so this story was a joy to read. A light and fluffy tale which skates over the top of some significant political issues, the book is a rapid read which leaves you with a lot of significant thinking. 

The story revolves around ‘Big’ Jim Arkwright, the small business owner who sets the world to rights in his local pub with friends and overnight becomes a youtube sensation. Jim holds a lot of theories about how the country should be fixed and is willing to talk about them to anyone who will listen. But when the media, the government and the country at large join his audience, things begin to escalate beyond even his wildest imaginings.

This story tells of the rise of political concerns to the centre of popular discussion and cultural attention, of the refocus of the country’s population towards the issues that most need attention. This was an excellent antidote book to read following the recent election turn out for the local council elections and MEP elections. With turnout as low as 33% and counts being won by a margin of a single vote in the local elections in the North West of England, it was encouraging to read even a fictional story about the country showing interest in its governance and demanding better from their representatives, all inspired by the passion of one average, working class man who wants his country to be better.

I would suggest that you read this book, because it might restore your faith, and it might even give you some hope. Both of which are in short supply when it comes to people’s thoughts on politics in the UK right now.  

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