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Welcome to the Shandy Kitchen!

Some time ago, I was inspired by unfuckyourhabitat and adulting and decided to set up a blog which was intended to teach and inspire people to cook.


So many people don’t learn to cook properly in high school. Those who learn how to at college/university are unusually blessed. Most of us are too busy with papers, lab sessions, practical exams, seminars, tutorials, studying, finals, societies, socials and all the other fun stuff that comes with college and university. By the time people get out into the real world, there’s all that real world stuff to do. Those numbers for Dominos and the local takeout places are just so handy that we never quite get past them. If we do, it’s only so far as the freezer and microwave sections of the local supermarkets.

Adulting made a post about the importance of learning to cook as a host which inspired me. However, being aware of the limitations of the real world, I decided to take a leaf out of unfuckyourhabitat‘s wonderful blog and frame this in a supportive and encouraging fashion.

Anyone can learn to cook. It’s just a matter of doing things one step at a time.

Will I need to buy lots of stuff?

That is the second point of this blog. It’s to tell you how to start, where to begin and how to build up your kitchen, your skill set and your stores to make you into an awesome cook. You might not know even so much as how to peel a carrot (hey, one of my boyfriends didn’t when I started teaching him to cook!) but if you follow the blog, take the advice and do things a little bit at a time, you’ll be making awesome food before you know it.

The blog provides suggestions and tips on how to be a good host, how to keep on top of your cleaning up and what to do with your leftovers. There are also hints on how to adapt the meal and show off for company. If there’s anything else you need – please ask!

The Disclaimer Bit…

I’m a meat eater, but I have friends who are vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, not to mention various intolerance issues with food. I will try to offer alternatives but please feel free to get creative. I also cook with alcohol but things should work just as well with the alcohol free substitutes.

Over to you!

Please – tell me how you get on! Leave me a comment, submit me your recipes, let me have your tips! Submit your recipe and let’s share success stories and ideas and plans and try and improve each other’s confidence.


Speak Up!