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So after dragging myself from bed to load up the laptop this morning and getting onto twitter, I see this:

And it occurs to me why I have never told you about the awesomeness that is ELF and why I am ridiculously excited that they’re having a sale JUST when I need to get new stuff.

Welcome to Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) Cosmetics!

I adore these guys. I was introduced to them several years ago by Ms Moo as an affordable source of reliable makeup and since then, I have very rarely shopped anywhere else for makeup. They are so affordable and I have not had any bad reaction to any of their products.

So what I thought I would do is give you five things I regularly buy and use all the time from ELF and explain why I like them. And then if you like what you see in their sale – go nuts!

1)  The All-Over Cover Stick

Cost: £1.95

I love this product. I use this on almost a daily basis as a pan stick to cover up blemishes on my face and the dark shadows under my eyes. It is so cheap and they do a decent range of shades for a pan stick (and none of them are called flesh or nude!). It’s small, compact, easy to use, fits in my weeny handbags for nights out and is gentle enough to use under my eyes without any reaction from my skin. I buy these in batches, they are so useful.

2) Mineral Moisurising Lip Tints

Cost: £3.95

I have about four of these at the moment. I would never have thought to  buy them, but I got one free in one of ELF’s giveaway goodie bags which they sometimes do for people who spend over a minimum amount. It was one of the best things in that order, even though I hadn’t bought it. I find lipstick a bit heavy sometimes, so these are ideal for me, they add a stain of colour without being too thick or sticky and they’re lovely to wear as a gentle touch when you’ve already made a fuss of your eyes. They also have an spf factor of 8, so they actually moisturise and protect your lips as well as adding a hint of colour.

3) Flawless Eyeshadow

Cost: £2.50

I’m a relative novice when it comes to knowing ‘how to do makeup properly’. Ms Moo is good enough to send me hints and tips sometimes, but this was a bonus buy for me.

It actually has, imprinted into the palettes, the areas of the eyelid and eye socket where you should aim to use different shades! For someone who is as inept as me at colour blending, this is a fucking fabulous idea and I will be ordering more combos from this product in the 40% sale. Also – the colours are rich, they last all day and they don’t fall apart as soon as you touch them with an eye shadow applicator, unlike some of the more well known branded eye shadows I could mention!

4) Eyebrow Treat and Tame

Cost: £3.95

This was a new experiment for me during my last order and one I will be keeping as a standard element in my makeup kit. I have never gotten the hang of eyebrow pencils, because my eyebrows are quite thick in terms of hair, but some of the hairs are white! So occasionally my eyebrows have a stripy effect which looks a bit weird. This product is great, it’s like mascara for eyebrows, it allows me to put them into shape with the clear gel and them cover up the odd coloured bits with the brown applicator.

5) Brush Cleaner

Cost: £3.95

Not a product for your face, but definitely worth the investment. The Brush Cleaner was a recommendation from Ms Moo, who is not only hot on her colour combos, but also on facial hygiene.  How long has it been since you actually cleaned your makeup brushes…? Hmmm, yeah, thought so. This stuff is great. It’s suitable for all types of brush, can be used with kitchen roll and it is also anti-bacterial so it will stop those little nasties breeding in your sponges and bristles.

So get yourselves over to ELF now. They are a Europe wide brand, their delivery is very affordable and at the moment if you spend £15 on products, you’ll get a flat 40% off! They also stock brushes and tool kits, gift sets and every kind of makeup you could want. If you only do one new thing today – make it trying ELF. I’ll be shocked if you are disappointed.

ELF on are also on facebook and on twitter. Come follow them and watch out for those special offers!

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