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As well as writing and publishing poetry on my blog, I also submit works to calls from various publishers and have published poetry in anthologies and collections.

Some of these collections donate a percentage of their profits to charity. This page links to where you can find my published poems and highlights which charities are receiving a percentage of the profits:


‘When You Are Sad’ – published in ‘Gift Of A Rose‘ by Lost Tower Publications

‘Deserts and Tides’ – published in ‘The Black Rose Of Winter‘ by Lost Tower Publications

‘Knock Us Down and Start Again’ – published in ‘Hope Springs A Turtle‘ by Lost Tower Publications
10% of the profits from ‘Hope Springs A Turtle’ are donated to Mind, the UK Mental Health Charity

‘Eleanor Roosevelt’  – published in ‘Bridge Of Fates‘ by Lost Tower Publications

‘Lie With Me’ published online by the UK Poetry Library

‘Atlas’ published in ‘Greek Fire‘ by Lost Tower Publications

‘The Butcher’ published in ‘Temptation‘ by Lost Tower Publications

‘Pavlov’s Bitch’ published in ‘Shout It Out!’ by Lost Tower Publications – coming soon in 2016
10% of the profits from Shout It Out will be donated to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women


I have also had various works published by Forward Poetry and United Press, but these collections are printed on demand and are not available to purchase online.


You can read more of my poetry here on projectshandy.co.uk

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