Project Shandy Youtube Channel

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I am very proud to present the brand new Project Shandy Youtube Channel

As part of my private tuition business, I provide tuition for learners who are aiming to pass their QTS Maths tests. Applicants are required to answer 12 time-limited maths questions without the use of a calculator. There are countless books available, all with questions in to complete for practice. But it is difficult to do without someone reading them to you and timing you to check that you are fast enough. This can be off putting and distracting for many learners who want to develop their skills in private without help and hints from well meaning friends and family.

Last year I tested out the idea of recording the test questions using my smart phone. My learners could then listen to the questions on their phones and tablets with the correct timings in place. The trial was a great success, so now I am expanding this provision into a video channel.

Video is a far more versatile media for these sorts of tests. It allows me to record a timed test for the learner and also to provide written answers and methods for each question. While a book might tell you the answer, it won’t show you the methods you can use or the fastest way of getting to the answer, with hints and tips to shave those vital seconds off your time.

I am hoping that my videos will plug that gap and provide both some private practice and guidance.

The videos will be available free of charge on the Project Shandy Youtube Channel, but I hope that more learners will get in touch for the extra help they might need to boost them through these tests and into a successful application for a teacher training course.

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