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After a brief moment of panic yesterday when vanished from the internet, normal service has now been resumed and we’re back up and running with a few new features!

First and most important is that the archives from Busy Life Recipes, The Shandy Media Club and Extra Musings have all been imported and can now be searched and viewed on Project Shandy. You can see all of the updates and archives for my poetry, recipes and reviews on their own dedicated pages.

Some more pages from Busy Life Recipes have been imported to The Shandy Kitchen – take a look on the menu to the right for more tips on how to run an efficient kitchen and be a great host.

With all this new activity going on, you can now sign up for all the updates from Project Shandy on the home page by entering your email in the box and getting every Shandy flavoured post delivered straight to your inbox!

Have a look around at the new changes and enjoy the new and improved Project Shandy site!

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