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Project Shandy Articles: Archive

Here you can find links to the Project Shandy Articles, including pieces from my blog and those written specifically for other websites and projects.


So You Want To Be A Writer? – My advice on how to be come a more productive writer, published by Empty Mirror Books.

Anxiety, Stress and Depression: Aren’t They All The Same Thing? – an article about my experiences with Anxiety, Stress and Depression. This was written for Mental Health Awareness Week 2014.

It’s Time To Talk – my #BADD2014 article about mental health issues.

World Bollocks Night! – Article about the flaws in World Book Night’s gender bias argument, written in response to For Books’ Sake’s article on World Book Night 2014.

Becoming A Writer – a piece of self reflection, which was written for the #iamsubject Project.

The Flaws in the UK Mathematics Curriculum – My reflections on OFSTED’s Mathematics: Made To Measure Report.

Oh Captain, My Captain – my response to the death of Robin Williams.

Make Good Art – How Neil Gaiman convinced me to keep writing.

 It’ll Be All White On The Night – World Book Night 2015.

Tribute: Leonard Nimoy – Why I Hope To Live Long and Prosper, just like Leonard Nimoy did.

 50 Shades Of Abuse – Why I believe 50 Shades Of Grey is being marketed in a dangerous way.

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