SK: Poached Salmon

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Poached Salmon in Milk and Butter



I love this recipe, Mum makes it as a treat every time I go home because my husband isn’t really keen on fish as part of a main meal (although he has a FANTASTIC recipe for fish pasta salad which will be posted in a few days time).


SERVE WITH: You can serve this with pasta or new potatoes, or even with rice. I absolutely recommend it with steamed green vegetables – broccoli or green beans for preference.

To drink, a crisp and dry white wine (something like Pinot Grigio)



2 Salmon fillet steaks (I buy the pre-packed ones at the supermarket because they’ve had most of the bones removed. Talk to a local fishmonger if you aren’t sure what to ask for)

200 mls milk (I use full cream for making this, but you can use semi skimmed)
25g butter (or butter substitute)
Salt and Pepper


White sauce granules or Parsley Sauce mix


Add homemade garlic bread to the meal

Instead of (or as well as) green veg, you can steam some corn on the cob to serve with it, complete with a sprinkle of salt and a dab of melting butter.


A baking dish (tin or pottery)
Tin Foil
A saucepan (if you’re making sauce)
Chopping board
Fish Slice


1)      Preheat your oven to 200 degrees

2)      Line your baking dish with tin foil. Use long strips which hang over the sides on all edges and make sure you line the base with separate piece to stop the milk leaking out at the bottom

3)      Rub a small amount of butter onto the skin of the salmon and then place the salmon fillets skin side down into the tin foil. This will make sure that it does not stick to the tin foil while cooking.

4)      In very small pieces scatter the rest of the butter over the top of the salmon flesh and sprinkle with a little parsley. You can also season this with salt and a bit of ground black pepper if you wish.

5)      Pour the milk over the salmon slowly, allowing it to sink into the flesh as much as possible before puddling around the fillets.

6)      Fold the edges of the tinfoil up to meet in the middle, then roll them down to seal the parcel.

7)      Roll the ends of the tinfoil in to the middle so that the salmon, milk and butter are encased.

8)      Place in the oven and bake for half an hour. This will give you enough time to boil new potatoes, pasta or rice to go with it, and to steam any green vegetables you wish to add to the meal. Remember to be a good host and keep up with the clearing up!

9)      When you remove the dish from the oven, be extremely careful opening the tin foil as it will be full of boiling hot steam. Stab the tinfoil a few times with a clean knife first to let it out so that you don’t burn yourself.

10)  Remove the fish pieces using the fish slice and serve with your vegetables and carbs.

11)   If you are making a sauce, transfer the remaining milk stock from the tinfoil into a small saucepan and add a little more milk. Bring to the boil and add either white sauce granules or cornflour to thicken, stirring constantly to prevent the milk burning to the bottom of the pan. Serve in a small jug, or pour over the meal if you know it is to everyone’s tastes.

You can also buy packet mixes of parsley sauce to go with this meal – I have yet to master the recipe for making it from scratch, but would love to hear from someone who has!

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