NaPoWriMo2015 – Do You Mind The Travelling? (10th April)

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Do you mind the travelling?
Never ever.
Give me the car boot for an office,
the open road for a meeting room,
music blaring,
windows down,
sunglasses on,
let me be Don Henley’s dream
any day.
Give me the roadworks,
time for quiet thoughts;
I plan my shopping lists
on the M1 northbound.
Give me the radio for company
where I can boogie in my seat
amusing white van drivers
who honk their horns
and give me thumbs up.
That’s my kind of office politics.

But don’t you mind the travelling?
Even a little bit?
With every new road comes new ideas,
and every new building
gleams in the rain,
like a fresh, damp chalk board,
empty of history,
chock full of potential.

But doesn’t it bother you?
Staying in different places?
Not one bit.
Words flow freely in blank hotel rooms,
devoid of distractions,
where someone else cooks my tea
cleans up the mess.

But doesn’t it upset you?
Being away from home?


That’s a different question.
I think about the travel,
the music,
the road,
the hotel,
all of that,
to stop me
thinking about home,
because I miss it so much,
that my heart bleeds.
But being away from home
means I get to experience Coming Home
again, and again, and again,
with all of its welcome and wonder,
which I never take for granted.
And that,
more than anything
really makes the travelling worthwhile.


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