NaPoWriMo2015 – The One Who Got Away (18th April)

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It’s been a whole lifetime
since you waved me off
in my Dad’s car
from outside your party.
I remember
that your hand fell quickly,
heavy as my heart.
We turned a corner,
and you were gone.
You were the one
who got away, and away and away.

Fifteen years later,
fifteen years old seems an age ago,
but here we are
sat in a hotel bar,
trading tales
about your wife and kids,
my husband and cats
and all the corners we turned in life
to end up here.

You’ve lost your hair,
I’ve lost my shyness,
both things we used to hide behind
last time we knew each other.
Now we’re out
in the open
and there’s no mystery left,
just an odd sense of comfort
being around someone I used to know.

We laugh
at the children we used to be
pretending to be grown ups.
Now we accept
we’ll only ever be pretending.
You wave me off at the lobby,
hearts and hands light,
as we go back to our lives.



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