NaPoWriMo2015 – The Bat (19th April)

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The Bat


You came into our bird cage
as a great black bat,
built to fly,
but nothing like us.

You hung beneath our perch,
mimicking our manners,
always ending up upside down,
wings akimbo,
half blind.

The twittering tits
squawked at our friendship,
“Hark at the brown sparrow
and the black bat!”
They preening each other’s
blue and gold feathers
chirping in saccharine voices.

I gazed at you,
envied your black leather wings.
I flew beside you at night,
saw beauty and grace in you
which never glowed in the daytime.

You swooped under the moon,
fearing no-one,
mistress of the dusk.
You showed me another world.
While I will never be a bat,
you are the reason
I escaped the bird cage.

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