NaPoWriMo2015: Shout Back

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#NaPoWriMo2015: Shout Back

Your voice grates,
sparks in my head,
little shards of poison
sprinkled over everything
like parmesan,
making everything
taste exactly the same.
Cheese always did make me sick.

Nails on a blackboard,
cotton wool
pulled to little pieces,
chair legs
scraped over tiled floor.
Or those useless bits
of white padding
around electrical goods
scraped against each other.

I hate the sound
of all of them.
Almost as much
as I hate your words
in your voice.

I can’t silence you.
So it’s time to shout back.
Shout louder.
Shout better.
Shout more often.
Shout in good company.
A thousand voices,
all pointing one way:


We will starve you
of attention.
Drown you
with our voices.
Bury you
with the strength
of our intent.

We will be heard.
We are done listening
to the likes of you.
We are the masters
of our own stories.
We have voices.
It’s time they were heard.

Inspired by Project Shandy’s special Call for Submissions: Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s time to tell our own stories

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