NaPoWriMo2015 – Shining (April 12th)

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You were my golden God,
my sun,
burning away the clouds.
I bathed in your warmth,
reflected your glory
fancied myself your Goddess,
pale moon to your fiery dominance.

We raced across the sky,
a long lovers’ dance
I lived for the chase,
pursued you.
It was destiny.
I would never catch you,
I was only ever
invisible to your world.

In the cold depths of night
long after you had slipped away,
the stars whispered to me…

one of us…
one of us…
you belong here…
one of us…

At dawn
I did not look for you.
My world glowed,
bright with promise and hope.
Amongst my own kind,
at last,
I shine.

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