NaPoWriMo2015: Mrs Moses

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This was inspired by Carol Ann Duffy’s wonderful collection of poems, The World’s Wife.


After the seas closed

and the manna was gathered in

Moses found it hard to sleep.

His wife beside him,

hand in hers each night

as he tossed and turned,

throwing back covers

as if they were blood soaked,

waking and staring

in unseeing horror.

‘The Red Sea, The Red Sea…’

he would moan in his sleep.

His wife knew

how he had stood watching

as the blood seeped

into the streets of Egypt,

pooling in the footsteps

of the Angel of Death.

She spoke with the scribes,

seeking wisdom and guidance.

They found the name

for their new legends.

She watched in despair,

as they hunched over their scrolls

turning their backs

on their saviour’s suffering.

She kept her solitary vigil,

Holding his hand in the darkness

While their candles burned,

drowning their pages

in seas of ink.

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