NaPoWriMo2015 – Growth (11th April)

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We fall.
Dread hitting the bottom,
the crash into failure,
darkness folding over us.
The End.

But down in the blackness
there is no more falling,
no more fear,
just solid ground,
a safe base.

Seeds in the earth,
we grow.
Working our way up,
seeking light on instinct.

We creep out into harsh light
bright and cold
beneath an empty sky
stretched wide
with terrifying promise.

We might wither,
shrivel amongst stones.
Exposed to fresh chances,
we fear to climb
in case we fall again.

But we grow regardless.
Green and fresh,
Naive and sickly.
Waste energy sprouting leaves.
We drink in the sun,
hungry for love,
bereft of gratitude.

We blossom slowly,
tender pettles furled tight,
We fear our thorns,
other people’s flinches.

Our leaves are snipped for mulch,
thorns stripped with care.
Under a kind touch,
we bloom,

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