Free Copy Of The Sun? No Thanks!

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So The Sun have been sending out free copies of a special edition of their rag.

And mine’s arrived.

And this is my response:




I hate The Sun newspaper. I hate most of the tabloids but this one I do particularly despise. And it makes me sick that this has been sent into my home.

Why do I hate The Sun?

Oh there are many reasons. But I’ll focus on two.

I hate that they printed despicable lies about the Liverpudlians who were caught up in the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster. I hate them even more for the fact that they had the gall to title their piece of lies ‘The Truth’.

I hate page 3. I always have done. I have no objections to any woman using her body in any way she wishes, but I hate the fact that The Sun, which prints these pictures, sells for just 40 pence. I hate the fact that any man can pay a measly forty pence to ogle a woman’s mostly naked body, a woman who he doesn’t know and will never meet, and that the provision of this is classed as a ‘news’ publication. That is what degrades women, in my book. When access to the sight of a woman’s body is on sale in every newsagents for less than the price of a mars bar, is it any wonder that we have sunk deeper and deeper into rape culture and a sense of entitlement to the possession of women’s bodies?

Leaving aside the fact that their journalism is shoddy, their stories badly researched (if at all) and their standard of English  pathetic and ridden with cliches, shortened vocabularly, slang and sensationalized language,  those two reasons are enough to make me hate The Sun for the rest of time. Their apologies for the first incident cannot be trusted and they consistently defend the second and belittle anyone who disagrees with them.

I would never pay money for the Sun and I have had hopes that their popularity will eventually wane and they will cease to exist at all. I wouldn’t count myself as an avid capitalist, but I hope that the market forces will eventually be their doing and I’m prepared to wait for that. However, The Sun have decided, against the judgement of market forces, that their place is in our homes and they have the audacity to claim that they know who should make up ‘Our England’. Fewer people are paying for it than ever, they have had to raise their price to cover costs.┬áTheir circulation in Liverpool is as few as 12,000. They cannot even give their copies away for free in some areas of the North West. But they still see fit to impose their own sense of importance on people who hate them.

The Sun’s place will never be in my home.

Some people have suggested that this is not a big issue. That the copies can be used for other purposes. They it can be recycled. That this copy should be classed as an ‘unwanted gift’ and made good use of. That it can be recycled. That it can be disposed of ‘without a fuss’.

You can do what you like with your copy. But this is a significant issue for me, and I reserve my right to ‘make a fuss’. I don’t want to be grateful to The Sun for anything at all. I don’t want to find it useful. I don’t want to use it in any way. Yes it could be recycled but I would far rather that they ceased to exist and stopped using paper to print their lies, manipulation, exploitation and nonsense all together.

I hate the fact that they exist at all.

I hate the fact that they think they are relevant to my life.

I hate the fact that they can insert this stuff into my home against my wishes, when I have exerted my choice not to purchase it, not to engage with it and not to have it as any part of my life. They stand for so much that I hate.

I hate the fact that they have challenged my choice on this, because it resembles other aspects arrogance in this culture that I hate. When I say no to something and voice my distaste for it, I have the right to have my wishes respected. Not challenged. Not circumvented. Not bypassed. The same is true for all of my choices. Including my choice not to have The Sun in my home.



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