CSSB: Cocoa Butter

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As implied, I have not been well recently. Due to an unsuccessful medication change, my skin has exploded into acne, my nails have broken to bits and my darling pusses have sunk claws and teeth into my hands with relish during our little play sessions and none of them have healed as fast as I would have wished.

The usual Boots skincare regime has not worked its usual magic, so I have had to bring out the big guns.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

A few years ago when I was struggling with the state of my skin, I asked my sister for a recommendation for improving it and this was her most solid recommendation.

It’s easy to get hold of and it lasts, quite literally, for years. I bought this one when I was living in my old house, so it must be five years old by now and I have used less than a quarter of it.

First of all, the smell is gorgeous. It really does smell like chocolate. It does not, however, taste like chocolate – much to the disgust of my cats who attempted to lick my fingers after the last application and were most affronted at the slightly greasy taste.

You only need the tiniest big of this. Just a dab on the tip of one finger. Rub it into your palm and then rub your hands together hard, spreading the butter and rubbing it into your skin. If you use too much your hands will be too greasy, so try to be sparing. (Also, if you’re in a room with a round door handle, leave the door open. Just saying. If you don’t, you’ll see why.)

Then you can do the same with your face. Another dab into the palm, rub your hands palm to palm, then massage it into your face. Especially your cheek bones, nose, forehead and chin.

If I’m having a rough time skin wise, I use this at night before bed and my skin ALWAYS feels better in the morning. Softer, more supple, less tight around the bone structure. My spots tend to have settled a bit too, and any cuts or scars have an easier time healing.

Unless you suffer from extremely dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this product for every day use. Other wise you will feel a bit greased out. But for the occasional refresh or repair treatment – this stuff is the business.

I got my pot from Wilkinsons for about £3 a few years ago. On average it’s now about £4 a pot, but it’s been one of the best value products I have ever bought.

Other uses:

  • It soothes sunburn
  • Great for dry foot skin and pedicures
  • Lovely as moisturiser after a bath or shower as an occasional treat, especially for newly shaved legs


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