CSSB: Favourite Accessory – Brown Heeled Shoes

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Bought from: Oxfam
Brand: George at Asda
Cost: £2.99
Uses: Work Wear

There comes a time when a girl realises that she doesn’t have enough shoes.

Yeah, yeah I know insert Carrie Bradshaw joke here. But I’m not like that most of the time. You could once count the number of shoes I had on one hand. Trainers, sandles, work shoes, one pair of high heels and some boots for the snow.

But as they say on Top Gear, that was then. This is now. I have bought a few more over the years. A couple of pairs of long boots, some little canvas shoes and so forth. But  the time had come to make friends with high heels. I don’t wear them very often, I’m a size 6.5 to size 7, I have big feet for a lady and I can’t really balance in them too well.

However, I’m in a job now where I drive to work, sit down for most of the day and don’t walk very much, so I can wear heels (low, blocked, chunky heels) without completely ruining my feet. So I started looking for some.

I had two types of shoes I wanted – some brown heels and some purple heels.

You would not believe the effort I went to looking for some brown heels and purple heels which I liked, which fitted, which matched my outfits and which fitted my budget!

And then – while I was Christmas shopping – these appeared in Oxfam.

They even make my clod-hopping feet look dainty!

They even make my clod-hopping feet look dainty!

Brown Shoes 2

These little beauties were just £2.99, brown leather-look material, genuine leather soles, blocked heels, size seven. With some beige stitching and detail buckles on the front. Absolutely perfect.

What I learned from this was that good things eventually come to those who wait and persevere with their search. If you have something in mind that you want – don’t give up looking for it. It’s out there. You will find it. Just keep searching. Even if it’s just for a pair of shoes.

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