CSSB: The Purple Wrap

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I bought this for a fancy masquerade ball several years ago. Almost ten years in fact! Wow, suddenly I feel old… Anyway. I thought this would be the sort of thing I would wear once in a blue moon, but it has been invaluable during the summer months.

It’s a purple synthetic scarf, rich coloured with a patterned border and it’s beautifully light and silky.



Bought from: Cancer Research
Brand: Monsoon
Price: £2.50

I love purple. When I had my colours done, I was really pleased to find out that I could get away with wearing a lot of shades of purple. I’ve got several little tops with short sleeves and straps for the summer time which range from lilac to fuchsia to indigo and this goes with all of them. As I don’t like having my arms on show, I like having something to wear around my shoulders, and for going out in the evening to the pub or to dinner, this works brilliantly.

The pattern around the border at either end weighs it down, so it’s not too flyaway:



As a bonus, this also goes nicely with the two deep purple coloured smart dresses that I have, meaning that they can be jazzed up into formal go-out-for-posh-dinner dresses as well as business meeting dresses.

As a side note – I have another Monsoon scarf which I found in the charity shop just before Christmas for £1.50. These things cost upwards of £10 to buy new in the shop! They seem to be the sort of thing that people buy for one occasion and then never wear, so they stay hidden in a drawer for years and never see the light of day, and then they end up in the donations bag.

Don’t be afraid of scarves. Worn in a twist and knotted at the front they can really liven up plain jumpers as an alternative to necklaces. They look great with spring/autumn coats as alternatives to the thick winter woolly scarves that sprout in shops around November time. They’re a fantastic alternative to wearing coats over your party dresses in the slightly cooler months, and they can also be used as sarongs over shorts or even holiday swim wear to protect your legs from the sun. Wrapped around your shoulders, they’re also a versatile alternative to a kaftan top to protect your upper body.


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