SK: Electric Chopper

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While I am a great fan of doing most things in the kitchen by hand (I still use wooden spoons for cakes, after all!) there are one or two gadgets which are great for people who are short on time when it comes to making meals.

My parents bought this for us as a little Christmas gift and now I would never give it up:

It’s a wee chopper, it’s not big, about the size of a soup mug, but it’s great for chopping things like fresh ginger, garlic and fresh chilis – things that you need cut really fine but don’t want to stand over with a knife for hours. A quick press of the button and it whizzes everything around in no time. 

I also use this for chopping onions, as we use loads of them in our cooking and sometimes need as many as three of them in a recipe for our curries. I hate chopping onions, I hate the feel of them, my eyes always stream after about 2 minutes and they just take forever. With this, I just peel them, chop them in half, pop them in and press the button – so much easier! I’ve even used it to make pureed onion when a recipe has required it, must easier than using a huge blender when you only need a smaller amount. 

It’s easy to clean too, it comes apart into three pieces, all of which can go in the dishwasher, or washed by hand in a few minutes. Best of all it takes hardly any storage room. 

They cost about £15-£20, so it’s on the dear side for what I would pay for a gadget but it is so useful that even if something happened to this one, I would buy another straight away. 

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